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I expect to ship this no later than 60 days after date of purchase.


Customizable: Yes! Feel free to request a different head or torso after placing your order. See photo for default configuration.

Scale: 1:2

Height:  ±90cm (±35 inches)

Weight: ±3 lbs

# of 1 inch magnets: 8 ( 3 on each foot and 1 on each hand). 

Assembly: Comes assembled

Manufacturing: Handmade / 3D printing / Prototype

This Titan will be the second ever crafted and the first of its remarkable kind to enter the market, will proudly bear the unique identifier "A9T-002" embossed directly onto its frame.

This half-scale manikin will serve as a captivating decorative element. Versatile in its display, the manikin can effortlessly adopt standing, seated, and reclining poses. Due to its substantial weight, however, some of the more dynamic poses might require additional support for stability.

A distinctive feature of this manikin is the inclusion of a 1/4-inch screw insert located on the back, compatible with tripods and various suspension rigs. This feature allows for creative and diverse display options, enhancing its allure as a collector's item.

You won't find any manikins this size on the market with this level of articulation

Note: The figure doesn't come with a warranty but I'll gladly build you replacement pieces if they break and negotiate a reasonable rate for the part needed. I can also build you additional pieces in the event you want to add things to the figure at a later.

International Shoppers (Outside the U.S.) - DHL IS HERE!

  • We are now officially approved to ship internationally with DHL
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  • We ship with DAP (Delivery At Place), meaning you may be subject to import taxes.
  • If your package doesn't arrive within 30 days, contact us for a full refund. All packages are insured.

For purchases made on Etsy: Etsy calculates and charges tariffs in advance for orders under $150 and therefore is likely to produce a much smoother experience. Visit our Etsy shop here

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