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What's the difference between Rider & Ranger?

(as of February 24th 2018) In terms of articulation, Ranger has five additional points of articulation per hand (3 jointed fingers instead of 2). Other than this, the biggest difference is their size (Ranger is 12" and Rider is 6") and consequently their weight, fragility and ease of use. The proportions on Rider's hands are also slightly larger due to limitations with 3d printing at that scale. Both have magnets on hands and feet, however Ranger has three on each foot instead of one. But while Rider has only a single magnet on the toe, the design shares polarity with the base of the toe as as well as the tip which allows for tip-toe stances. Finally, Ranger comes with a lifetime warranty and Rider a twelve month warranty.

Can I get replacement parts?

Yes! You can find individual replacement pieces for sale in the landing site for each product, including variations in size and color.

Replacement 1/12 pieces can be found here
Replacement 1/6 pieces can be found here.

One of my parts was defective and broke. What should I do?

If your purchase took place less than twelve months ago, it is still protected under warranty, so please email a photo of the defective part along with your order number and I'll work toward getting you a matching replacement immediately: store-at-armaturenine-com. If you purchased any of my 1/6 scale figures after June 1st, 2017, your product comes with a lifetime warranty.

I’d like to feature your products in some commercial photography and video works I’m doing. Do I need to pay a licensing fee for this?

Nope! In fact, I encourage you to use these products for your commercial projects, whether you use it as reference, or feature it as-is. I'd love a credit, but it’s not necessary. You don’t even need my permission. It’s kind of the point of the figure as it’s meant to be a tool for creative people. The only thing you can’t do with A9 is make physical or digital replicas of the figure or parts, that’s my job and how I keep the lights on :)  Design appropriation is also not permitted (taking my design and appropriating it as your own). For questions or clarifications reach me at store(at)armaturenine(com).

How long will it take to get my order?

I'm currently operating at a 1 week turn-around time. 

Are you ever going to manufacture them through more conventional means?

As funds allow I'm trying to transition to using molds. This may take years given the expense involved. But I'm making steady progress.

Can joints be tightened to restore like-new fitting?

Yes indeed! You can find a tutorial here. A better technique, however, is to drop a bit of this glue into the joints while they are still attached and simply keep rotating them throughout the entire drying process. This is especially a good way to tighten the fingers.