About Armature Nine (A9-RIG)

What is Armature Nine?

Hi, my name is Paul Siegel. Armature Nine (or A9-RIG) is a collection of articulated products that I designed and released in 2012.  The figures have been awarded multiple patents over the years. And today, I continue to manufacture and assemble the figures myself out of my home in the beautiful northwest state of Washington.

In 2012 A9 made history by becoming the first ever mass produced 3D printed product in the world with now thousands of units circulating internationally to over sixty countries around the globe. The A9 bipeds remain to this day, the only artist manikins that can achieve every pose humanly possible and as far as I can tell, the most proportionately accurate as well.


What are the A9-RIGS for?

All the A9-RIGS can be used for a variety of things. In fact, over the years I've heard from: Sketch artists that use them to derive proper proportional reference in perspective. Painters use them for light and shadow reference. Sculptors use them to produce quick sculptural studies. Animators have used them for stop-motion studies or even short films. Photographers use them as subjects or props for their photography. Yoga teachers and massage therapists use them as decorative items in their studios. Dance teachers use them as visual aids. Doctors have used them as anatomical reference in their practice. And we've even heard from parents and grandparents that use them as educational tools for their children & grandchildren. A9 is truly the most versatile proportionately accurate manikin on the market.


A9-RIGS have traveled to over sixty countries! 

Properly scaled to the conventional 1/6 so you can easily accessorize.