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2005 Album (14 original tracks)

2005 Album (14 original tracks)

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This is the only place you can purchase the final remaining copies of Kamal (Paul) Siegel's very first album released in 2005.

Supply will not be restocked.


FIRST STEPS, The Making / 1998 - 2005

In March of 1998, a week before Kamal was to leave to the United States, he visited Faro Producciones (Studio 9) in Santiago, Chile and recorded nine of the fourteen tracks heard today on First Steps, Siegel's debut album.

Three consecutive recording sessions took place at Studio 9 adding up to a total of 15 hours of recording time for the entire album. Countless hours of production time followed.



Santiago (Chile) May 2nd, 2007
Music added as a soundtrack to help promote new book by the Chilean Ministry of Education.

Bristol (UK) May 2nd, 2007
Kamal Siegel featured in the latest issue of Tabula Rasa, an arts magazine based in the UK. The profile covers Kamal's beginnings as a musician, his thoughts on the creative impulse, the story behind each of the fourteen songs on the album as well as details of the recording process.

Los Angeles (USA) March 6th, 2007
Kamal Siegel featured on album produced by multiple grammy award winner KC Porter. The song "Bird & Tree" from the album First Steps, has been included in the album "Temple of Light - Volume 1", recently released by Insignia Records and

Temuco (Chile) October 30th, 2006
Music used as the soundtrack for Araucania, Entre Letras y Poetas, a series for radio and television by Nabil Rodriguez.

Santiago (Chile) September 1st, 2006
Cascada, one of the tracks from the album, was used as the soundtrack for a presentation given by the Chilean Ministry of Education in Santiago

San Fernando (USA) April 1st, 2006
Full page article on the album on the 58th edition of The Nightingale magazine.

Seattle/Santiago (USA/Chile) November 12th, 2005
Official debut release of the album First Steps.

Brighton Creek,Roy (USA) September 3rd, 2005
Limited edition of First Steps released and debuted at the 8th Annual Arts Festival at Brighton Creek (McKenna, Washington, USA). Debut included live performances by Kamal.

August 30th, 2005
First Steps album is complete!!

Oct 2000
Kamal and his fiancé, Mariya (now ex-wife), flew down to Chile and recorded four new tracks, making a total of 18 tracks (14 of which were included in the final album).

February 1998
One week before leaving Chile, Kamal visits Faro's studio in Santiago, Chile and in three days recorded twelve more tracks.

Summer 1996
First two tracks recorded in the Baha'i Radio Station of Labranza, Chile.

Summer 1996
Faro Producciones (Chilean record label), approaches Kamal and asks him if he'd be willing to record some of his music for Nuevos Horizontes a compilation CD of music from various latin-american artists. Kamal accepts.


Bird & Tree (2000)
Guitar: Kamal Siegel
Flute: Mariya Lincoln

Story of Us (2000)
Guitar: Kamal Siegel
Flute: Mariya Lincoln

Mixed Feelings (1998)
Guitar: Kamal Siegel

Escape (1996)
Guitar: Kamal Siegel
Percussion, Keyboard & Effects: Javier Duhart

The Sun Will Rise (1998)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Percussion & Bass: Javier Duhart

Happy Man (1997)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Percussion, Bass & Backing Vocals: Javier Duhart
Electric Guitar: Felipe Duhart

Clap Those Hands (1998)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Percussion, Bass & Backing Vocals: Javier Duhart
Primavera en Africa (1996)
All Instruments: Kamal Siegel

Cascada (1997)
Guitar & Bass: Kamal Siegel
Effects: Javier Duhart

Mezcla los Colores (1999)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Lyrics: Gustavo Leguizamon
Keyboards & Percussion: Javier Duhart

The Book of Life (1997)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Bass & Percussion: Javier Duhart

Falling Towards the Sky (1997)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion & Backing Vocals: Javier Duhart

Broken Winged Bird (1998)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Keyboards & Percussion: Javier Duhart

Viajando (1997)
Guitar & Vocals: Kamal Siegel
Bass, Electric Guita & Percussion: Javier Duhart

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