Patrons Terms of Service


Thank you for taking an interest in our Patronage program.
By signing up you agree to these terms and conditions:

a) We = All That Random (parent company of Armature Nine)
b) You = Subscriber (Patron, Creator, Collector or Maker)
c) Content = Tutorials, models, rigs, scripts, tools, videos, images, icons, graphics, html, animations, text, blogs, updates, etc.
d) Third Party = Google, Patreon, YouTube, Shopify, PayPal, Mailchimp, Wordpress

a) You must be 18 years of age or older to use this service.

b) All of the content (see I. Definitions), is available non-exclusively to each subscriber to produce derivative works for personal or commercial use. Derivative works refers to using our works as reference and a starting point but not as the work itself

c) You may not claim ownership over the content we upload or share, copy or distribute it without our permission. In other words, don't copy or pirate our content. It's how we keep the lights on.

d) We are offering this service, as-is, on a month to month basis and may choose to end it at any time. If that ever happens, your subscription will be made to expire so that you are not billed for the next billing cycle.

e) We reserve the right to curate our content as we deem necessary (add or remove content).

f) When giving away products or conducting sales, shipping fees may apply.

g) All of the commitments we are hereby making to our subscribed members will only be in effect if the service is still active and for those members with accounts in good standing.

h) You may unsubscribe at any time but customers that abuse the system by subscribing and unsubscribing multiple times will be permanently banned from the service.

i) We make use of third party tools (see I. Definitions) and have no control over their technology and their terms of service. Therefore you understand that there may be changes to what we can or cannot offer over time. In other words, content may be there one day and gone the next.

j) In terms of your privacy, we will do everything in our power to protect it but please know that we rely heavily on third parties (see I. Definitions). These third party tools collect data and have their own privacy policies so if this is important to you, be sure to read their privacy policies. You can rest assured, however, that we will take no actions on our part to sell, disseminate, disclose or distribute your personal information.

k) Your subscription is non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your subscription be sure to do so before the next billing cycle kicks in. Seven days prior is recommended. Patreon subscribers must unusbscribe through their account. Paypal subscribers must unsubscribe through their account.

l) Members that sign up for our "collector" level will be granted a retroactive lifetime warranty on any Armature Nine products they own or purchase in the future. This lifetime warranty will only be in effect as long as you are subscribed and not longer than one year after your subscription ends.

m) All of the benefits you get by being a subscriber will only be available to you while you are subscribed. Those that unsubscribe will forego all membership benefits.

n) Every month you will get access to exclusive content such as videos, sales and coupon codes. These are made exclusively to you as a subscriber. You agree to respect the exclusivity of this content and not share it with anyone that is not a member.

o) Collectors will get one 50%-OFF coupon code every month they are subscribed. The code can be used once per customer and expires at the end of each month.

p) Patreon subscribers will be able to access all exclusive content through the website. Paypal subscribers will be added to a mailing list and receive passwords via email or download to access their exclusive content through our Members page found on

q) Members that subscribe through paypal must retain access to the email they used at the time of subscribing in order to receive updates.

r) These terms of service are always subject to change, so check back often by going to

For instance, we're considering creating a "maker" level and allowing those members to access our proprietary joint designs and models to produce their own custom attachments. Possibly more on this later.

For more information contact us at store (at) armaturenine (com)