Armature Age Groups

Lots of good news and all summarized in this one photo:

1) Instead of letting my printers remain idle while waiting for new filament to arrive, I decided to spend all of last week and the long weekend on the limited edition perk ($500). Infinite thanks to that person's patience!

2) Literally, as I was printing the very last knee joint, the mailman showed up at the door today with a box full of new filament (also seen here in the photo!!). Wohooo!!

3) And over the long weekend I used many of the remaining parts I had already printed to put together the boxes you see on the far right. These are the last shipment for the $30 perks!!! With the exception of a couple people that haven't paid international shipping yet.

4) So all in all, this little gap in production turned out to be quite productive because while I wasn't able to print any new parts, I still had a bunch of parts already printed that needed assembling. Plus finally getting around to fulfilling that $500 perk is a huge relief.

You may notice, however, that there are more ages represented than I had originally promised. This was a special request made by the contributor. And the nice thing is, that now i've got designs for these ages!!! Still a little refinement needed but am most of the way there.

5) And the best news of all is that this week I will finally get around to start production on the kits! I'm guessing I'll be able to produce 20 a week.

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