Thirty new kits

What a productive week!! Completed 30 new kits, making a total of 80! Only 120 more to go

Every time I work on a new batch of prints I take the opportunity to carefully apply the feedback I receive from others and make the appropriate changes to the new batch. With each revision I get closer and closer to what I'm going to be calling the 2013 version of A9. I've addressed all the crits I've gotten so far except for one: Greater range of motion in the ankle. I have some ideas that I'm going to borrow from some of the things I learned from working on quadrupeds that I think will get the ankle to rotate all the way down while still being firm enough to hold the weight of the body (And btw. it doesn't appear the quadruped campaign will make it, unless people share it like mad). So help me out and send this link to your friends or any artists you know:

Thanks guys!

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