Slander Not Allowed

Dear A9 community, I'd like to bare my heart to you about something. Ever since starting these monthly contest, there hasn't been a single one that didn't lead to me receiving messages from disgruntled contestants, pointing fingers at other contestants for supposedly cheating. Fortunately these were private messages that I was able to respond to and help explain how such a thing was very unlikely to be the case. But now people are calling people cheaters through the comments, and that's where we need to draw the line. There's no need to hurt people's feelings or potentially smear another artist's reputation.

The goal for these contests was to have fun, help each other grow and improve as artists and possibly win something really cool at the end of it. And if you don't win anything, so what! There will be another contest next month and you can try again.

Now, you may have noticed we did implement a new policy which requires every voter to vote on their "two" favorite works and because we have also limited entries to one per artists this means that any traffic drawn to the gallery by someone with a lot of friends, will benefit EVERY artist.

If, however, you think something else could be done to make things even better, please lend me your ideas. As you know, I'm always open to constructive criticism smile emoticon I've posted two suggestions in the comments. Feel free to like the one you like most, or suggest other options.

There are only three hours left to vote. Please head on over and vote on your two FAVORITE works:

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