Production Progress

Lining up the next batch of thirty armatures for this week. The goal is to get to order #1800 by Sunday.

And just so you all know..even though we're still catching up with orders, if you have any problems with the product please make sure you reach out either via facebook, email or phone. We prioritize customer inquiries and push any repair or breakage issues to the front of the line and attend to these immediately.

With 3D printing it can be very difficult to quality control a part sometimes because each piece is created uniquely every time (hence the slowness and expense of production). And so even if on the outside everything looks and feels good, there could be structural inconsistencies or defects on the inside of the piece that are invisible but may lead to problems once the armature is in use. We include spare hip joints with every shipment because these have been historically the most likely to break (because of how tightly fitted they are onto the hip-lock).

Over time this has become less and less of an issue. When we first started we were addressing customer needs left and right, but in the last 150 orders, only 2 customers have reported problems so far.

So don't hesitate to reach out! We're here for you

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