v.2015.6 Production Progress

Sweet! We are two weeks away from fulfilling orders placed today! Yay! Almost back to our 1 week turn-around normal. Phew! What a roller-coaster.

It's come with its share of bumps in the road. Many of which have helped the armature continue to grow and evolve. We're on version 2015.6 now. Did some tightening here and there (especially with the clips the plug into the shoulder and hips) and minor cosmetic changes. Pieces aren't baked anymore which makes it look so much prettier, but it's also more prone to breaking so we've increased our warranty from 3 months to 12 months.

So if you are having any problems with your armature, don't hesitate to reach out either by phone, email or facebook. We ship free replacement parts should anything break or be defective.

This photo features the latest version going through a few poses. Using a little bit of clay on the toes. Kneaded erase works too

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