September Contest Winners

We have winners! Congratulations Laura Kruczynski for this incredibly dramatic work featuring a humanoid vampire bat! The high contrast and dynamic use of positive and negative shapes really makes this a feast for the eyes. Well done! Please message me with your mailing address so we can send you your free 1:12 A9-Biped and Stand!

And congratulations to our runner-ups Beth Morrell, Laura Li and Asphagnum for being awarded our runner-up prize. Each of these works are so wonderful, each in their own way. Such a lovely sense of design, color and line, it's no surprise they each got over 100 likes! You have two options for a prize: 1) you can opt for a 50%-off coupon code to purchase any item or number of items from our store. Or 2) you can opt for getting a free canine armature. It's an armature we don't sell anymore but make available for special occasions ($20 value). Message me with your preference and a mailing address if you pick option 2.

My goooodnesss, what an incredible collection of entries overall. I gotta say I'm incredibly thankful I don't have to judge these contests. It would have been so difficult to pick a winner. Take a look through this fantastic gallery of entries and you'll see what I mean. So much good stuff.

Thank you all for participating and please consider participating again or letting others know about these monthly contests. The rules for October's contest have already been posted here:

Deadline is October 31st.

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