November Contest Details

NEW CONTEST! - Deadline is November 30th - 11:59pm PST

For this month we'd like to invite everyone to participate in a concept art competition (traditional or digital). The rules are simple.

1) If you don't own an armature, it's super easy, just browse through any of our photographs posted on this facebook page and derive your concept piece from it. Here are the pics.

(Also, you can use these photos for any of your commercial artworks)

2) If you already own an armature, it's a bit more challenging because you will need to pose your armature and create your own photograph to derive your artwork from.

3) Only a single entry per contestant allowed.

4) Sketches only. If you use color, keep palette limited like this example.

1st place winners from past contests can play again but get a 20 point handicap. Double-champions get a 40 point handicap. Runner-ups don't get any handicap when participating again.

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