6" Wooden Manikin

6" Wooden Manikin

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Scale: Approximately 1:12 scale (6 inches)
Assembly: Comes assembled

# of 3D Printed Parts: 38 + 1 hex key

# of extras: 2 magnetic block hands (as alternative to the articulated hands)

# of Injection Molded Parts: 8

# of magnets for Wooden version: 4 ( 1 on each hand and toe)

# of magnets for Ivory version: 2 (1 on each toe)

Joint tightening glue:  Included with all figures (except baby)

Platform:  Included with all figures (except for Baby)

Floating chroma green stand:  Included with all figures (except baby)

Warranty: ONE YEAR

Manufacturing: Handmade 3D printed product


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