PREORDER Small Quadrupeds

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This purchase includes:

Scale: 1:6 Canids & Felids using pieces compatible with Rider

Note on size & scale: Even though these are built using the 1:12 scale pieces compatible with Rider, their proportions are of those matching a typical house cat or small dog when standing besides Ranger (our 1:6 scale biped).

Here is an image for reference: 

Dimensions: (H,L,W) 8x10x2cm

Weight: 1.9 oz (including platform) 

Material: Wood-composite with ABS plastic connectors. 

Magnets: Includes four embedded neodymium magnets (one under each paw)

Assembly: Comes assembled 

# of 3D Printed Parts: 34

# of Injection Molded Parts : 4 

Platform: Included Brushed Steel Stand 

Warranty: 12 month protection 

Manufacturing: Handmade 3D printed product 

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