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Category: PRODUCE

Description: 3D Scan data with retopology of apple

Technique: Optical laser-based 3D scanning + retopology mesh and projected textures
Units: Centimeters (accurate scale in 3D scene as measured by scanner)

Formats: For digital download only (CD/DVD NOT included)

- .fbx (autodesk)

- .tga (photoshop)

Current Files Included:

- 3D Scan Raw Data

- 3D Mesh Retopology

- 2D Texture Colormap

- 2D Texture Normalmap

- Original photo snapshots from scanner

Current Size: 42 megabytes (please allow a few minutes for our system to compress and send you your download link)

Terms of Use:  Download and integrate into your 2D or 3D commercial projects as is or manipulated. Ok to distribute via a compiled format such as a video game or app be it console, web, mobile or other as long as Digital Double is in the credits somewhere.

Non-permitted uses: re-selling, gifting, uploading or distributing these assets as part of your own or another's library. 

Upon purchasing this library you will get an email with a link to download all assets as a zip folder (please allow time for server to process).