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Email us your .stl file to store@digitaldouble.com

Once you've received a precise bid on your 3D printing project please use these drop-down menus to proceed with your order and select the amount quoted.

Method: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Fill: 25%
Material: ABS & PLA Choose from drop-down
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Where do you print these?
At my home shop in Snohomish County

How long will it take?
Typically seven days to get your object printed and then however many days of transit it takes to get to you.

Are these objects strong or brittle?
This will depend on your design, but in general FDM printing produces strong results.

Can I pick them up?

Sure. I often make trips to Redmond and would be happy to meet up there. Just use "noshipping" as a coupon code during checkout and you won't pay shipping.