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This purchase includes:

A custom quadruped using our 1:6 scale pieces.

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Dimensions (when back straightened) (H, L, W) : 15x17x5 cm

Weight: 4.2 oz

Material: 3D Printed ABS plastic & WOOD-Composite.  Includes four embedded neodymium magnets

Assembly: Comes assembled

Warranty: 12 month protection.

Manufacturing: Handmade 3D printed product


For those ordering from outside the US, keep in mind every country has different import tariff laws and you may be subject to steep fees before being able to collect your package from us.  Be sure to ask your local post office about this. Also, (for international orders) please include your phone number. That way your post office will be able to reach you once your package arrives and waits for you to pick it up.